Physical Conditioning

It’s not just what you do, it’s HOW you do it.

As you know, the sport of football will stretch your strength, skill, and endurance to the max.

You can take your game to the next level by developing a stronger mind-body connection, building proprioception, and unleashing your true strength through a full range of motion.

Training flexibility, balance, and focus will decrease the potential for injury and increase your performance at every level of play.

REMEMBER: Lame conditioning produces lame results.

These 2-3 minute videos will show you exactly how to get the most from each exercise. You can access the full playlist here.

Mental Conditioning

Train your brain, transform your game.

Effective mental conditioning will increase your physical strength and speed. How? By super charging your nervous system, reducing hesitation, and boosting your confidence.

Integrating mind, body, and soul is the secret to peak performance in every area of life.

Installing proper perspective is the key unleashing your highest potential.

Here I will outline macro-level concepts and specific techniques that will equip you to master life, on and off the field.

I haven’t made the videos yet, but here is the text from last week’s speech on the Secrets of Motivation:

Secrets of Motivation

Hey Timberwolves, my name is Luke Throop, and you can call me Coach Luke. I want to start by saying I am honored to be here, to be supporting Timberwolf Football. We just had [...]

Recovery Corner

Your body can take an incredible amount of abuse.

But, being human, you have your limits. Serious injury will require medical attention. That said, your body has a phenomenal capacity to heal, and most aches and pains can be resolved with a requisite dose of self-care. How do I know?

Helping people heal is what I do. There are healing principles, that when applied properly, can produce profound results. I’ve learned these lessons the hard way, through an immense amount of pain and suffering in my own life.

If you are dealing with persistent aches and pains, talk to me. I’m here to help.

You can catch me before or after practice, shoot me an email (talktome-at-lukethroop-dot-com), or setup a time to talk here.