My Yoga Journey

I never thought I’d be where I’m at today…

My study of yoga began under extreme duress and allowed me to conquer a decade of chronic pain. Today, I am an experienced yoga teacher and continuing education provider with Yoga Alliance (E-RYT/YCEP). I earned my teaching credentials after formal training in the traditional Iyengar methods of yoga. My passion has led to extensive study in yoga anatomy and the specific applications of asana for a variety of physical and emotional conditions. I am certified in trauma sensitive yoga, including yoga for veterans, those suffering from PTSD, and those affected by chronic pain. I can relate to the pain because I’ve been there. Now I share humbly from the heart, knowing that there is a lifetime of learning ahead.

My heart goes out to those who hurt, because I’ve been there…

Desperation led to discovery.

Before yoga changed my life, I kind of thought of it as a New Age hippie cult. But that all changed during my darkest hour. As a disabled vet, I was miserably overweight, strung out on narcotics, and crippled by chronic pain. I had picked out my prosthetic and was waiting for the VA to amputate my foot. Physically broken and emotionally exhausted, my life was in deplorable condition. Limping for a decade had destroyed my body and relentless pain had crushed my warrior spirit. I was depressed and about to give up. I was desperate for change.

Yoga saved my life.

Feeling too young to die, I became consumed by a search for a better solution. When I discovered yoga, I was bound to the couch and crutches. I felt worthless and trapped inside a broken body. My life was miserable, but brighter days were ahead. Yoga soon started to ease my discomfort. The deep breathing began to battle my stress and depression. The benefits were undeniable. I could feel it. I felt better. Little improvements began to accumulate. It took two years to touch my toes and shed fifty pounds, but I was thrilled by the progress.

The journey had begun.

Driven by the belief I could rebuild my life, I shut out the world to focus on healing. Immersed in a small library of books, I studied and practiced yoga obsessively. Years passed. So did the need to amputate my foot. In time, I was able to rehabilitate my body to a remarkable degree. My doctors were wowed. To this day I still have a fused ankle, but I no longer limp. Yoga taught me to move more mindfully. Now I enjoy doing things that I thought I’d never do again. Yoga changed my life in a radical fashion, and for that I am forever grateful.

It’s a lifetime of learning.

Once I was back on my feet, I signed up for my first yoga class. A few months later I studied to become a yoga teacher. After some soul searching, I went on to open a yoga studio that was dedicated to making yoga simple and accessible to people with aches and pains. I wanted to share the gift of feeling good with as many people as I could. Since then, I’ve been honored to help hundreds of people feel better and enjoy the incredible benefits yoga has to offer. Throughout my experience, the benefits have proven to be nothing short of astounding.

I love yoga, and it makes my heart happy to share this gift with the world!



AMPUTATION was imminent.

PAIN consumed me...

Life was DARK...

Then I discovered YOGA.

At 225lbs, I was miserable and desperate for change.

It took two years to touch my toes.

I practiced yoga everyday.

I roared back as a St. Jude's warrior!

After five years and a few thousand hours of yoga...

I'll show you how!

It can change yours too.

Yoga changed my life.

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